DiRT 4 v1.8 (Steam-Rip) - CODEX

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The legend of the rally simulators returns. Meet DiRT 4! The new part will please players with the «Your Stage» system, which allows you to quickly and easily create millions of routes of varying complexity. Also you are waiting for modern cars, specially prepared for the rally. At your choice more than 50 legendary cars. If you want to ride at high speed on a narrow gravel with sharp turns, then be sure to download DiRT 4.

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim v1. (Special Edition) - ALI213

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Role-playing game, with which many have already met, now has a sequel. To download The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim torrent this game product, and enjoy an exciting and addictive game, you need to perform just a couple of moves. The Kingdom, of which you have already heard, is currently in a very difficult situation, and can split at any moment. After all, the ruler has not been chosen, and each of the candidates wants to take the main place, and as soon as possible. The war is coming, and much depends on you.

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Farmer's Dynasty v0.69 (upd.18.03.2018) - ALI213

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​Prepare to create a farm of your dreams! You will start working on the small farm of the father of the protagonist. First of all, you need to do repairs to the old house and barn. Having plunged into this fascinating world of construction and gathering, do not forget about your family. Each decision will affect not only the success of the farm, but also the well-being of the family. Can you preserve family ties and at the same time build a huge plantation? The game includes a story mode, as it passes you will receive various rewards that will expand your farm.​

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Space Engineers v01.187.087 - ALI213

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The expanses of the cosmos have always been attracted by their own unknownness. How does the universe work, and why on some planets the appearance of life is possible, and on others only craters. What predetermines the presence of gravity or air. Do you really think that these or other corners of space are shown to you by the game Space Engineers in the smallest detail. With its help, you will try yourself in the role of an astronaut, who survives in space and gravity with the help of science. You are given absolute freedom of action, and your chances of remaining alive are catastrophically small. Dare to test your strength.

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The Evil Within 2 v1.04 - CODEX

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​By tradition, before the start of one of the most famous gaming exhibitions E3, many developers are announcing releases of their projects. This year there were no exceptions — the company Bethesda Softworks during its press conference announced that it plans to develop a sequel to its horror shooter The Evil Within, released in 2014. The game, whose main character was the police officer Sebastian Castellanos, was rated highly enough by critics and players, so it’s no surprise that Bethesda Softworks decided to continue the story of Castellanos’s adventures in another world.​

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Remothered Tormented Fathers (Update 1) 06.11.2017 - ALI213

Remothered Tormented Fathers Game Free Download Torrent
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Game Remothered Tormented Fathers — this is clearly a failed attempt to revive the legendary horror Clock Tower, undertaken by designer Chris Derrill and the young studio developers Stormind Games. Work on the project Chris Darell began in 2007, but only as a result of cooperation with the guys from Stormind Games, he managed to achieve the embodiment of his idea. The game story of the game is as follows. In a small town under mysterious circumstances, the daughter of one of the most respected townspeople, a local notary, disappears. An investigation into the disappearance is carried out by a female detective named Reed. After the death of his father to his daughter and her mother moved house and his fortune, but death itself was also quite mysterious. And when the daughter disappears, Reed realizes that there is something unclean in this matter.

Destiny 2 FULL UNLOCKED - ALI213

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​It is not necessary to track events in the game world on a daily basis in order to have information about the upcoming release of a new multiplayer action movie with an open game universe under the working name Destiny 2. A lot of players from all points of our planet are already discussing the possibility of continuing the first part, Further. We draw your attention to the fact that in this «assortment» of different opinions and forerunners, it is necessary to skillfully select information: what you can trust, and which you should not pay any attention to.​
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Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor v1.0.1951.29 (Update 9) - ALI213

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For lovers of role-playing games and good graphics, a toy called «Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor» will obviously have a liking. Moreover, the best features of the RPG genre and the universe of Middle-earth are successfully combined here, which in turn leads to the history of the «Lord of the Rings». The plot revolves around a character named Talion. His family and everyone who was dear to him, died at the hands of Sauron’s minions.

35MM v1.3 - ALI213

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35MM — a project from a domestic developer on the popular topic of post-apocalyptic survival. The global epidemic destroyed almost all of humanity, the infrastructure no longer functions, the remaining people have to survive with difficult conditions. The history of 35MM will tell about two travelers, one of which you will manage. Who is he? What happened? Where are we going? On these and many other questions the game will gradually answer you. You will travel through the territory of Russia, you are waiting for abandoned cities and even secret underground structures. To survive, you need to constantly look for food, weapons and other useful things. In the game you are waiting for interesting puzzles and complex decisions that directly affect the storyline and the very ending.​

DiRT Rally v1.23 - ALI213

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DiRT Rally is the new part of the rally simulator. The game offers you real rally cars and tracks. All this makes DiRT Rally alive and more believable. Rally is a special class of races that does not suffer mistakes, because you are waiting for the most difficult roads and the most dangerous turns. In addition to the possibility of improving the car, the player will spend a lot of time on his repair, because once incorrectly entering the turn, you can significantly damage the car and thereby worsen its characteristics. And you will repair the car and during the races, for repairs you will be allocated a certain time, for which you must maximize the car in order. DiRT Rally also boasts a realistic control, influenced by weather conditions, road surface, suspension, engine, turbine, etc. The player is able to adjust the car for his comfortable ride.