The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 1 (upd.14.08.2018) - CODEX

The Walking Dead The Final Season Game Free Download Torrent
The possibility to pass The Walking Dead The Final Season should first of all be interested in those gamers who closely followed the franchise during five years of its full existence. Perhaps, it will not be a secret for anybody that the series of Walking Dead for the Telltale Games studio has become the first most sold in the history of the company, so developers treat it with special trepidation. By the name of the last game of the series, which in essence is an interactive drama, you can easily guess that it will be final.

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Mushroom Wars 2 v2.4.0 - CODEX

Mushroom Wars 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning continuation of the famous real-time strategy. Based on the original gameplay Mushroom Wars, which is so fond of the players. To master the basics of the art of mushroom war is simple, thanks to the convenient and intuitive management and support of the gamepad. However, the way of becoming a fearless warlord requires many skills: quick reaction, strategic thinking and the ability to control thousands of soldiers simultaneously! When you get comfortable, you can safely send your army against other players in multiplayer. In Mushroom Wars 2 tournaments are held, there is a system of leagues and rating battles for serious battles. In «My game» you can try out new strategies with your friends: 4 players can fight in the mode «every man for himself» or in team matches. Whether you fight with hordes of enemies in a single-player campaign or compete with your friends for the title of the best strategist in different multiplayer modes, Mushroom Wars 2 is always saturated high-speed and exciting battles.

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Steven Universe Save the Light - PLAZA

Steven Universe Save the Light Game Free Download Torrent
Steven Universe Save the Light is an excellent adventure game with bright colors and developed in the genre of turn-based strategy, where all actions will occur in real time. Here you have to take on the role of a warrior who has courage and fearlessness. Go to meet adventures to destroy all your rivals. In your arsenal should always be a powerful weapon, with which you will successfully pass to the goal. The game has a good visual component, and will also be able to please you with a dynamic process that will not let you get bored.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR - DARKSiDERS

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR Game Free Download Torrent
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR will include not only the full base version of the famous game, but all the official add-ons — Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. Soon you can go on an exciting journey through Skyrim in virtual reality with SteamVR. In Skyrim VR, the battle with the accursed draugram, exploration of the wild mountains and hunting of dangerous ancient dragons became even more exciting, and control adapted for VR allows players to move, fight and apply magic through movements.

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Fishing Barents Sea v1.1.7.2 - PLAZA

Fishing Barents Sea Game Free Download Torrent
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Stand at the helm of your own fishing vessel in the game Fishing Barents Sea go to the open spaces of the Norwegian Sea in search of the best places for fishing. At first you will only be available to a small boat, inherited from your grandfather. Catch fish and earn money to improve the boat or purchase a larger vessel. Enjoy the beauty of the Barents Sea and achieve success by becoming one of the main suppliers of seafood. Learn to fish using various nets and fishing rods and purchasing new boats. Each method is fairly easy to master, but they are all full of nuances - it's time to show skill.

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Depraved v0.10d - SKIDROW

Depraved Game Free Download Torrent
Depraved is a game project that represents the genre of strategy, where you will go to a huge world to build a variety of multifunctional cities. You are waiting for various dangers and tests, even the weather can prevent you from achieving your goal. In addition, your rivals will be predatory animals, which in a certain period will attack you. Enemies will also give you peace, which is why you should be ready for enchantment by resistances with the strongest rivals in order to preserve your possessions, and also to provide a comfortable and safe life for the townspeople. You get to the territory of the wild west, where you will begin your difficult activities.

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Sword Legacy Omen - CODEX

Sword Legacy Omen Game Free Download Torrent
Sword Legacy Omen — tactical turn-based RPG, events bark unfolding in Broken Britain. Once it was a thriving kingdom, famous for its alchemical and scientific achievements, and now torn apart by intrigues and deceit. Together with the vengeful knight Uther and his team of losers, you have to go on an exciting adventure to find the long-lost sword Excalibur. With his help you can still save the emptied plague and intrigues kingdom. Classic role-playing game with turn-based battles and isometric view of the camera in a fantasy setting. The plot is based on the myths about King Arthur, where you take on the role of a knight named Uther who, together with Merlin, must find Excalibur and return to Britain peace and order.

Red Faction Guerrilla ReMarstered v4749 - CODEX

Red Faction Guerrilla ReMarstered Game Free Download Torrent
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Red Faction Guerrilla ReMarstered — a game project in the genre of shooter, which is endowed with a dynamic gameplay, great visualization and pleasant animation, which in general causes a sense of presence in this huge and realistic world. Here all actions will take place with a third-person view that will allow you to take control of everything that is happening, thereby making more correct decisions based on one or another situation that has arisen. The game will allow you to penetrate into outer space, which you will gradually conquer, taking up the management of an army of professionals, and then going to battle with insidious rivals.

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Tale of Palmi - PLAZA

Tale of Palmi Game Free Download Torrent
Tale of Palmi — once the brave twins had to disrupt the evil sorcerer’s plans and help the magical creature save the world. They will meet amazing friends and dangerous enemies. They will have to use magic to solve puzzles and jump through risky situations. Discover a story full of magic and fantasy, which is hidden behind the Tale of Palmy. Travel through the lands of drawing, sneak up, run, jump and use magic, arcade and logical obstacles, dialogues that you can read together.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords v2.030.1 + 5 DLC - GOG

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Game Free Download Torrent
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Starpoint Gemini Warlords — a game in 2017, combining a variety of genres and is the fruit of the joint work of the development team and a dedicated fan audience. It was created on the basis of the previous and almost self-same project, taking into account the many wishes from the gaming community: most innovations and special features of the product are fan suggestions, and the changes are not cosmetic, but affecting the engine and the immediate gameplay.

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