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Healer's Quest - SiMPLEX

Healer's Quest Game Free Download Torrent
When evil forces awaken in the dark, the world needs a team of heroes. But when these heroes are a ragtag bunch of unskilled jerks, only a healer can save the day. The game Healer's Quest is a carefree comedy RPG where you take on the role of the most underrated party member in any fantasy field Healer. Having joined the group of unskillful losers — the boss-tank, the beautiful archer, the depraved mage and the raging barbarian, you must preserve the health of your party while controlling the decreasing reserves of mana.

All Walls Must Fall v1.1.10649 - SiMPLEX

All Walls Must Fall Game Free Download Torrent
SiMPLEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
All Walls Must Fall is an isometric RPG with elements of strategy and atmospheric noir style. Before you an alternative reality, in which the USSR did not give up its positions and retained the Warsaw Pact unit. The game takes place in Berlin in 2089, the Berlin Wall is still in place. Rigid competition led to the creation of time manipulation technologies, which allowed one to follow one another and to anticipate every possible step of an opponent. Everything would be fine until a nuclear war happened! Both sides rush to the past their best agents to find out the causes of the war and stop it.​

Infernium v20180408 - PLAZA

Infernium Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Infernium game is full of harsh tests for the player. During the passage you will not have the opportunity to kill or maim the majority of enemies, but to constantly run away from them is not the best solution. Despite the fact that you are constantly being pursued by opponents, you must think through your actions and stick to a certain strategy, simultaneously opening secret passages and studying the features of the world in which you are. Thus, each passage will be unique, since the game presents a nonlinear election system. This project was developed by the creators of MIND Path to Thalamus, who became a prize-winner in the nomination «Game of the Year» according to the version of many gaming publications.

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The Universim Alpha 25 (08.04.2018) - SKIDROW

The Universim Game Free Download Torrent
The Universim is probably the most ambitious simulator of God, because the player has to start with a small settlement on an uninhabited planet and try to evolve to intergalactic flights and colonize new planets. You will face a serious struggle for survival, you need to take into account all the smallest details and guide society along the path you need. The planet on which you will develop is generated at random, as well as climatic conditions and various natural disasters. Initially, it’s worth starting with the fact that you need to open fire. This discovery will help protect your settlement from wild animals and sudden temperature changes. Every discovery you make will make your civilization stronger and more viable.

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Seven The Days Long Gone v1.1 (upd.08.04.2018) - RELOADED

Seven The Days Long Gone Game Free Download Torrent
Seven The Days Long Gone — do not let this game deceive you, because in spite of the fact that the camera is located on top of it, you will not need to build bases, protect allies, try somehow to take possession of a large number of units, because at the very In fact, this project is more like an action, which can not but please those people who do not like to think too long of the technique of fighting and the tactics by which they will act, because the developers and counted when they created this project . Only in this form, they could demonstrate all the imperfection of the world, which is gradually coming to its end, at least in the vastness of this entertainment.

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Slime Rancher v1.2.1b - SKIDROW

Slime Rancher Game Free Download Torrent
Quite often in virtual worlds, developers show us a variety of technologies, they prophesy this or that future, and sometimes they lead absolutely absurd examples of the further development of mankind. Today we want to draw your attention to the game Slime Rancher, which will show you the world in the future, where people discovered a mass of planets and found an amazing resource Plorts, capable of generating energy. This would allow the active development of mankind with a large transportation of this resource, but it turned out that it can only be developed on the planet where the resource actually lives. Therefore, it was decided to found a colony there, and the first founder was a pretty heroine named Beatrix, who began to actively develop the colony and build various farms to extract this resource.

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Welcome to the Game II - HI2U

Welcome to the Game II Game Free Download Torrent
HI2U Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Welcome to the Game II — its an atmospheric horror, strategy, puzzle game, in which you find yourself in the world of deep web, in search of the shadow web. Why are you looking for a shadow network? Let’s get you back to the story. You play the role of Clint Edwards, an investigative journalist in a large metropolitan area. You wake from sleep to the sounds coming from your computer. Someone sent you a link to the stream, which causes alarm among its viewers. When viewing the stream, you see a woman named Amalia, who is afraid of her life. Amalia says something about the shadow web and that there are people in masks who hunt for her. When you try to explain your location, the thread ends suddenly. This strengthens Clint’s interest, and he must dig deeper to find it, before it’s too late. But Clint knows little that a deep web is not a place to poke.

Nanoui - CODEX

Nanoui Game Free Download Torrent
Events Nanoui unfold in the fantasy world of the majestic castles of magic and dragons. After the book of Nanui was stolen, the forces of evil broke loose and the kingdom plunged into chaos. Now the four heroes have to go in search of the missing artifact to save the kingdom. Four users can join forces, playing locally or online, to pave their way to victory through hordes of ghouls, trolls, demons, spiders and other dangerous enemies.

Hellmut The Badass From Hell v1.0.3 - SiMPLEX

Hellmut The Badass From Hell Game Free Download Torrent
SiMPLEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The gates of hell were opened, and humanity is on the verge of extinction. Prior to the banality of a primitive story, but the charm of the game is not in it. You were devoured by demons, and what was left of you was resurrected. You have a chance to regain your life, but for this you have to kill a couple of thousands of demons. The main feature of the game is that you can use different mutations and, in fact, make yourself a universal weapon. Random generation of levels and demons, a qualitatively made pixel world and a pile, a lot of action that will not let you relax for a minute. Well, what do you want? These are demons from hell itself.

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Past Cure Update 2 - CODEX

Past Cure Game Free Download Torrent
Stealth-action with a third-person view. In the game there are simultaneously two worlds, in each of them — their own rules and goals. The first world represents a reality where you can act secretly or simply shoot all the enemies that will stand in your way. The second is a nightmare where you have to escape from the monsters that chase you and solve various puzzles that will reveal the secrets of the past of the main character — Ian. For years Iain was held captive in a secret laboratory where he was subjected to inhuman experiences. After that, he found frightening abilities: he learned to control other people’s thoughts and mastered telekinesis.

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